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How much performance can I get from X-Force Products?
This is an extremely subjective question & very difficult to answer when the car is sight unseen. It largely depends on what you are having fitted & what else you are running on the car. It is like saying how long is a piece of string. However X-Force can give you a possible power gain of 7-10 kilowatts. Apart from increased performance you may also experience better fuel economy as your engine will be running cooler & more efficiently.
T4 Turbo Top Mount
Why replace my standard manifold with X-Force extractors?
Standard manifolds can be inefficient & restrictive. Headers/extractors are specifically designed so that gases escape from each cylinder more efficiently, thus giving more power & better fuel economy. Also certain vehicles (especially older models) may not have replacement manifolds available when in need of repair therefore it is often easier & cheaper to replace with a header/extractor.
Celica Catback
Is bigger pipe work better for more performance on my car?
Usually this is not the case. Some vehicles do not perform as efficiently with 3” pipe as they would with 2 ” pipe. Sometimes there is not enough gas being released from your cylinders therefore you may lose power if your pipe work is too large for the performance of your car.
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What will it sound like?
Again this is very subjective & depends on what you are having fitted & what else you are running your car. It may sound a lot louder on a highly modified vehicle than it would on a standard vehicle with just an X-Force modification. X-Force products are designed to be legal for Victorian requirements when fitted to standard vehicles & are also designed for less drone in the cabin. X-Force include all censor & position fittings.

We will of course try to give you as honest a description as is humanly possible. Some people will still tell you it's not loud enough, or that it's too loud, or that there is drone in the cabin. Due to the subjectivity of how an exhaust modification sounds to each individual, unfortunately in today’s world, it’s the old adage - “you can please most people most of the time but not all people all of the time.”

We do of course always try to aim to please.
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What is X-Force made from?
X-Force Stainless steel is 304 grade, highly polished & is all mandrel bent as opposed to press bent. This ensures efficient flow which further enables maximum power gain. We also have a number of products available in Mild Steel.
What is your refund policy?
Please refer to our product page where our Shipping & Returns policy is listed. This has all information regarding Shipping returns, warranty, terms conditions, privacy policy. Should you require any further info please contact us direct via email or telephone & we will be happy to advise.
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Is that the best price you can do?
Our pricing structure is very competitive in today’s marketplace. You may find a cheaper price elsewhere but are you getting the same product? The same service? The same warranty back up? Some entities will tell you they are quoting on a complete X-Force system however you may only be receiving an X-Force rear with made up press bent pipe work, or X-Force pipe work & a different rear muffler. Always check what is included in the price & obtain a written quotation if possible. That way you know exactly what you are getting included in the quoted price & what brand the entire product is. Auto Xcess is a family owned & run business therefore it's our livelihood. We aim to deliver the best possible experience to you, at a reasonable price, with good solid advice, backed by more than 25 years of industry experience.
HSV Clubsport Stainless Steel
What do they fit like?
X-Force headers & systems are designed to fit with little or no modification. However it is always advisable to have your X-Force product fitted by an industry professional, primarily someone in the exhaust trade. This ensures your product warranty & that the part is performing to its best capability. It is usually more cost effective to have your part fitted by the people you have purchased from as they can offer you a “package price”. Alternately total price could be higher if you BYO parts to a fitting outlet. Essentially you are paying 2 entities individually this always works out more expensive. Also if you have bought your parts online from a unauthorised re-seller you may not even be covered by warranty.
Can I just turn up & get the job done?
No, it is advisable to make an appointment as not everything can be done at the same time. However you can come to our showroom at anytime between 8.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday to discuss your options & book in for a suitable time.
Maloo Ute Exhaust - Mild Steel
Is Stainless or Mild Steel better?
Both return great performance, so it is a matter of personal preference really. Most people will buy Stainless over Mild for the look & the lasting quality of Stainless Steel especially if you are running a lot of power through your engine. Generally speaking Stainless steel is a more hard wearing option than Mild steel. Stainless steel also comes with a 5 year warranty whereas Mild steel has a warranty of only 2 years. Refer to our products page for further info.
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